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    Extreme drought: Italy is thirsty


    extreme drought in Italy

    The beach managers of Lake Maggiore can be satisfied. Due to the drop in the water level in the lake – by no less than one meter in 4 days! – their territory is expanding rapidly, and heat and bright sun guarantee maximum sales of soft drinks and beer. It is also best for tourists and bathers to […] More

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    Classic wine on the Aventine!

    View of the Colosseum from the Aventine in Rome

    The historian Pliny the Younger mentioned Uva pantastica in the first century AD. ch. the white grapes that the farmers in the vicinity of Rome liked to eat next to their bread (panis). Bellone From the same grape variety, now known – depending on the region – as Bellone or Cacchione, in classical antiquity a wine was made […] More

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    Column: at the Mille Miglia

    Milla Miglia 2022

    I took a sip and was startled. When I turned to Roberto, I saw that he was making an effort to hide his feelings. We looked at each other and understood that we were thinking the same thing: bend! We stood on a strip of grass next to the provincial road where for the first time in all eternity the famous Mille Miglia […] More

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    Recipe: Mediterranean spelled salad

    mediterranean spelled salad

    This delicious Mediterranean spelled salad can be perfectly combined with a piece of meat or fish from the barbecue, or can even be eaten as a complete meal. If necessary, add chickpeas, buffalo mozzarella or feta. Spelled has increased in popularity in recent years and we see it mainly in the form of spelled bread, crackers […] More

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    Which plug do you use in Italy?

    plug Italy

    When we travel, we take more and more electrical appliances with us. Smartphones, cameras, coffee machines, razors and even entire laptops last and need to be charged. And then it turns out that Italy has different sockets… Which plug fits in Italy and which doesn't? Do you need a travel plug in Italy? First the good news: the tension on the […] More

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    Italian beaches are getting more expensive


    the most expensive beach in Italy in Alassio

    Everything is getting more expensive, so are the beaches. A beach chair with umbrella on the Italian coast will cost an average of 10% more this year than in 2021. 'Anger on the beach because of the new price increases' was therefore titled La Repubblica last week. But a comparative study by consumer organization Altroconsumo also shows that there are large differences per region […] More

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    Recipe: frittata with asparagus tips

    frittata with asparagus tips

    In the Mediterranean diet pyramid, you'll find eggs in the box next to fish, legumes, and poultry. Alternate these products with each other: choose chicken one day, egg the next day and fish the next day (if you are a vegetarian, choose legumes and egg more often). From eggs it is advised to […] More

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    Brindisi and the Salento in the heel of the boot

    sightseeing tips Brindisi

    The region around Brindisi – the Salento in the heel of the Italian boot – is rich in history, culture and natural beauty. It was the ancient Greeks who settled here after their colonization of southern Italy. Now Brindisi is the center of a lively tourist destination. Brindisi became a city with a long and […] More

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    Agrigento: what to do and see

    view from Agrigento on the sea

    At first glance, Agrigento (59.000 inhabitants) in southern Sicily does not look very attractive. A landslide in 1966 caused part of the old center to collapse, resulting in ugly high-rise buildings. Yet the old center with its small streets, beautiful facades and the shopping street Via Atenea […] More

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    A traditional menu from the Oltrepò Pavese

    Leda cooks a traditional recipe from the Oltrepò Pavese

    In the first episode of our series on traditional dishes from the wine region of the Oltrepò Pavese, we covered the preparation of bread, which is an essential part of any pranzo, lunch or cena, dinner in Italy. Below we present a complete menu with antipasto, primo, secondo and dolce. Have fun (and enjoy your meal)! Antipasto – […] More

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    Hand in hand comrades

    February 2015: the Feyenoord riots in Rome

    Tonight Feyenoord will play in the Europa Conference League against Roma in Tirana, Albania. The first images of overheated Feyenoord and Roma supporters have now reached us and are reminiscent of 7 years ago, when the city of Rome made an unpleasant acquaintance with a group of Feyenoord hooligans. Their performance in Piazza di Spagna, which caused considerable damage […] More

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    7 hiking trails in Tuscany: nature, spirituality, monuments and health

    7 beautiful hiking trails in Tuscany

    Trekking, marching or just strolling: walking holidays are becoming more and more popular. Especially in Tuscany, which has been crossed on foot by pilgrims, merchants, dignitaries, soldiers and tourists since ancient times. Busy cities like Florence, Siena and Livorno remain the main attractions, but a growing number of visitors are opting for the alternative of tranquility, spirituality and […] More

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    Recipe: plaice fillet with salsa verde

    Plaice fillet with salsa verde

    Fish is an important part of the Mediterranean diet. It contains important vitamins (including vitamins A and D), minerals, proteins, iron and omega 3 fatty acids. If you eat fish once a week, you reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, among other things. Vary with different types of fish and choose at least once a week […] More

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    10 tips for even more Italian summer jitters

    Italian summer jitters

    Are you already getting the summer jitters because of the beautiful weather? Here are 10 tips that will get you in the Italian mood! 1. Plan your holiday to Italy now Don't deny it, because we see exactly from the visitor statistics of This is Italy when you are going to book that holiday in Italy. The […] More

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    These Hotels Are Italy's Most Instagrammable Wedding Venues

    Hotel Danieli in Venice, one of Italy's most instagrammable wedding venues

    A new Compare the Market study has revealed the 10 most instagrammable wedding venues in Europe, with the Ritz Paris, Bled Castle (Slovenia) and the Shangri-La Hotel (Paris) in the top 3. But Italian wedding venues are also doing well. the research. Here are the top hotels for your wedding in Italy, if you're on the number […] More

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    Column: scammers in Rome

    Scammers in Rome

    I can't repeat it often enough to fellow countrymen on holiday: If you are approached by a stranger in Rome, Naples or anywhere else in Italy, don't give a damn and keep walking. If (usually) he asks you for directions or you make a business offer, watch out that you don't […] More

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    Cisternino: 10 x eat, drink and do in the city of the bombette


    The borghi più belli d'Italia, you've probably heard of the list. This is because it contains the most beautiful villages or towns in Italy. Cisternino is such a town. White houses, narrow creep-through-sneak-through-streets, the always fluttering laundry and so on. The people here are nice, their smiles are contagious and we're talking […] More

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