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    6 of the most important cycling races in Italy

    The 6 most important cycling races in Italy

    Now that one of the oldest cycling races in the world, the Milan-San Remo one-day classic, has been won by a Dutchman (Mathieu van der Poel, in spectacular fashion) for the first time in almost 40 years, it might be nice to see the all-important races in Italy to put in a row. With special attention to the […] More

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    Discover Perugia in 10 travel tips

    perugia sightseeing tips

    Perugia, the compact capital of Umbria and a real student city, always seems to be somewhat overshadowed by the more famous Assisi. And that is unjustified. Because with all the sights it houses and events such as Umbria Jazz in July and Eurochocolate in October, there is always […] More

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    The return of the vermouth

    Vermouth on the map

    Cin Cin Cinzano and the jet set world of Martini: in the 70s you could still stumble across the slick advertisements of the 2 most famous brands of vermouth in colorful glossy magazines. Since then, things have become somewhat quiet around the once popular drink, except as an ingredient in successful cocktails such as the Negroni and the Martini (half gin, […] More

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    Recipe: penne with wild radish

    penne with wild radish

    "What are you picking there?" I asked a few years ago an elderly gentleman who was busy filling a linen bag with something that looked like overgrown turnip greens in the Parco dell'Aniene, one of Rome's large (landscape) parks. . Broccoli selvatici. Cooked and ripassati in padella (baked in olive oil) […] More

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    Top 10 Italian perfumes for women and men

    Italian perfumes for women and men

    Looking for a delicious Italian scent for a friend? Here we have the top 10 of Italian perfumes and the different eau de parfums and eau de toilettes. There is always a nice scent for your loved one! 1. Armani – Sì (Ladies) This women's fragrance combines three notes – nectar of black […] More

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    A day in Prato – tips and sights

    prato tips places of interest

    Prato, a city of about 200.000 inhabitants, is not exactly a tourist destination of the first order and is often seen as the somewhat hectic little sister of the rich and sparkling Florence. That is not entirely wrong, because it is precisely the proximity – less than 40 kilometers – of the Tuscan capital that has […] More

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    Recipe: An easy Italian casserole


    easy Italian casserole

    We actually don't eat enough oven dishes, because we often don't take the time. Don't bother with that oven, you might think quickly. But many oven dishes are very easy to make. Just preheat the oven in time and you can also eat a delicious Italian casserole during the week. We dare to say […] More

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    Vico Food Box: the Italian online supermarket

    Vic Food Box

    Vico Food Box has been making progress since the end of 2019. The Vico Box is a box as we know it from online supermarkets in the Netherlands and Belgium. But then filled with the tastiest products from Italian soil. We were sent a box with random products. Let's take a quick look at what's in […] More

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    Italian conditions: an Italian in Nieuwegein

    an Italian in a nutshell

    Oh dear, the girl who came to serve us must have thought. Oh dear, a real Italian in the house, one who speaks unintelligible Italian, what now, help, alarm phase one! But her colleague, the man behind the counter to whom she looked panicked, was of course of no use to her. We could deduce that he was not Italian from […] More

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    Also this Easter Dutch flowers for the pope

    Dutch flowers on Sint Pietersplein

    Also this year, at Easter, Sint Pietersplein will be 'adorned' with flowers from the Netherlands. Thanks to old and new sponsors, flower growers, transport company and many others, this good Dutch tradition is taking shape again this year. Arranger Piet van der Burg and a team of florists and other volunteers are working closely with the […] More

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    A romantic Valentine's Day in Italian style

    Valentine's Day street art Florence

    Italy is known for its romantic cities and villages, in many series and films already the setting for unforgettable, romantic scenes. But is Valentine's Day also a thing in Italy? It depends a bit on where you are, but especially in the cities and among young people, the feast of the lovers […] More

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    Grand Hotel Tremezzo: the best hotel with swimming pool on Lake Como

    Grand Hotel Tremezzo is the best hotel with swimming pool on Lake Como

    Do you want to chill out on the chic Lake Como this season, in a luxury hotel with its own swimming pool? You're right. But a bit in style, isn't it? Welcome to the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, the hotel on Lake Como where all your dreams come true. And it also has several swimming pools, one of which […] More

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    Hit the slopes in style in Italy

    Stylish on the long slats in Italy

    Winter sports in Italy, yes! But please do it a little bit in style. How do you actually do that and what should you take into account in the land of the sweet life? Italy as a winter sports country The tradition of winter sports is not that old in the Italian ski resorts. This is because skiing, snowboarding and cross-country […] More

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    The Giro turns Italy pink

    The 106th Giro d'Italia will start on May 6 on the Costa dei Trabocchi

    It will be that time again in 3 months. The Giro d'Italia 6 will start on Saturday 2023 May. For 3 weeks, until the finish on May 28, enthusiasts can follow the national cycling festival live on RAI 2, among other places. The Giro is of course not just about sport, but certainly also about tourism. […] More

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