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The Giro turns Italy pink

100 days before the start of the Corsa Rosa, the start and finish spots will turn pink

The 106th Giro d'Italia will start on May 6 on the Costa dei Trabocchi (photos: Press Giro d'Italia)

It will be that time again in 3 months. The Giro d'Italia 6 will start on Saturday 2023 May. For 3 weeks, until the finish on May 28, enthusiasts can follow the national cycling festival live on RAI 2, among other places.

The Giro is of course not just about sport, but certainly also about tourism. There is hardly a better opportunity to show the landscape and monuments of Italy.

That is why last week, as a preview, sights from each stage were put in a pink light, the color of the Journal of Sport, which sponsors and co-organizes the event. And that resulted in beautiful pictures.

Giro d'Italia 2023 in numbers

The figures of this Giro are again impressive: 21 stages (with 2 rest days on 15 and 22 May) totaling almost 3.500 kilometers and 51.400 meters of altitude difference.

In contrast to last year, when the first stages were ridden in Hungary – as in 2012 in Denmark and in 2002 in the Netherlands, starting in Groningen, then temporarily renamed Gironingen – this time they will start domestically. In Abruzzo, with a time trial along the Costa dei Trabocchi, the typical stilt houses along the Adriatic coast.

In the following days, the stream of cyclists will pass through all 20 Italian regions, except 3: Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia. From Teramo along the Adriatic Sea it continues south through Molise and Apulia to Melfi in Basilicata. Then the first climbing stages through the southern Apennines to Salerno and Naples in Campania, on the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The 7th stage then leads back to Abruzzo, to the Gran Sasso, the highest peaks of the Apennines. Three more regions will be scored in the following days, with Terni in Umbria, Fossombrone in De Marken and a time trial in Cesena on the Adriatic coast in Emilia-Romagna.

From there west again, to Viareggio in Tuscany and then to Tortona, Bra and Rivoli in Piemonte. On Friday 19 May the only trip abroad will follow, through the small Alpine region of Val d'Aosta to the fashionable Swiss ski resort of Crans Montana. That is also one of the toughest stages, of 208 km with 5.100 meters of altitude difference.

After Bergamo in Lombardy, there are a few more impressive Alpine stages: the 16e (on May 23) from Sabbio Chiese in Lombardy to Monte Bondone in Trentino (5.200 meters in altitude); and the 19e from Longarone in Veneto to the Tre Cime di Lavarone, or die Drei Zinnen, the Dolomite peaks on the border of Veneto and South Tyrol (5.400).

The penultimate stage is a time trial in the Julian Alps, from Tarvisio to Monte Lussari, the 'sacred mountain' of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, near the border triangle with Slovenia and Austria.

For the last stage, the drivers will be flown to Rome, ending the Giro for the fifth time and covering the capital and thus also the Lazio region.

Written by Aart Heering

Historian who has lived in Italy for more than 30 years, 20 of which as a journalist and 12 as a press and political officer at the Dutch embassy in Rome. Has been working as a journalist again since May 2022. Active member of the Gruppo del Gusto, the gourmet group of the foreign press association in Rome.


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