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  • Spider-Man in Venice
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    Column: to Venice with Spider-Man

    Many things are more fun to do in Italy than in the Netherlands, but going to the cinema is not one of them. The reason for that is that all foreign films here are dubbed in Italian. When Johnny Depp suddenly starts talking in an Italian male voice or sings Mary Poppins in Italian […] More

  • Extreme flooding in Venice
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    Three quarters of Venice under water

    Venice has always been a wet city, but the combination of heavy rain and high tide has now put about 75% of the city under 1,5 meters of water. According to the Venetians themselves, they have not seen so much water in the past 10 years. Code red has been proclaimed for the Veneto region. The police have […] More

  • Visiting Venice - without looking
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    Visiting Venice – without looking

    It is not cheap to admire the beauty of Venice from a gondola. But that didn't stop these four tourists from having their eyeballs glued to their smartphones during the trip. A despondent gondolier filmed the party and posted the video with his sarcastic commentary on Facebook. 'A fantastic run. The […] More

  • 10 places not to miss in Venice
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    10 places not to miss in Venice

    Venice, the historic 'city of water' in northeastern Italy, has a magical attraction for visitors from all over the world. The canals, gondolas, fantastic food and wealth of history make the city a perfect destination for a romantic getaway. We therefore urge you: take your time [...] More

  • Tourist gondolas in the Grand Canal of Venice Foto Rop Zoutberg
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    Venice is going down in success

    The limit has been reached, according to UNESCO. The UN agency threatens to take away Venice's World Heritage status if the city does not become more livable. This year, some 27 million people will visit the city again. Mass tourism is slowly but surely destroying the historic city, Unesco fears. The deadline is set for February 1 […] More