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  • voting in Italy
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    Column: the polling station

    A few weeks ago, I got a call. It is half past seven o'clock. Comune di Florence. Normally I get a little stuffy then, because that's a raccomandata; a registered letter. Immediately I check in my mind whether I have driven too fast somewhere or whether I have not yet paid for the garbage. […] More

  • Monte Argentario
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    Column: e l'amore…?

    "Ciao Reinout, what time are you in Orbetello, I'll pick you up from the train and take you to your hotel," the girl on the phone is my co-organizer of a major event we're organizing on the Monte Argentario Peninsula. We had already skyped a few times so I knew who I […] More

  • Pavarotti and Di Stefano
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    Column: Angelo

    "If I hadn't been stupid enough to refuse that permanent contract, I would have been as big as Pavarotti and Di Stefano." Even though he tells me for the thousandth time, I smile at him again and answer dryly, “But they're both dead and you're still alive. Do you have […] More

  • Chioso per ferie (closed for holidays)
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    Column: chiuso per ferie

    While many Dutch people go to the Italian Riviera of Flowers or Lake Garda during this period, the Italians are still puffing through the last working weeks. The holiday in Italy only takes effect when the month of August arrives. Although more and more Italians are trying to travel more flexibly and go on holiday in July […] More

  • Photo Reinout Bosman: YouTube
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    Column: the application residency

    "Oh, you foreigners only come for nice weather, pizza, red wine and mandolins," the man from the municipal office grumbles. 'You do nothing here, spend money and in the meantime you take advantage of our poorly organized systems. Sir, you are digging your own grave. I tell you. You won't last for years like this.' On his card […] More

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