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  • 'Hallelujah!' The 'paper here' of the amusement park called Rome
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    “Hallelujah!”, comes from the waste bin

    On the Piazza di San Cosimato in the Roman district of Trastevere there is a brand new waste container that, when you fill it, thanks you with a sonorously sung 'Hallelujah!'. Something like this is actually only possible in Rome, and certainly in a Rome that is already well on its way to the Jubilee Year 2025. More than 30 million visitors are expected then, […] More

  • too hot in rome
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    Column: back in (the heat of) Rome

    'Do not come back! Stay where you are, because it's unbearable here!' friends in Rome warned us. My wife and I had already spent 2 weeks in the Austrian Alps, with mountain walks, chanterelle hunting, an afternoon on a terrace and a Tatort in the evening. And of course with the local gutbürgerliche Küche. We live in […] More

  • Roma World theme park will open in 2023
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    With Roma World, Rome finally gets a historical theme park

    A press conference with real Roman legionnaires, that had never been shown before at the foreign press association in Rome. With those original, albeit somewhat kitschy, appearances, the presentation of Roma World was graced last week, a holiday and amusement park with the theme of ancient Rome. In Roma World, which will open on March 24, […] More

  • The mock Mithras shrine in Rome Underground
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    Rome Underground: The World Beneath the Eternal City

    Rome has a new attraction. For the Romans themselves and for tourists who want to experience something less usual. In the park of the Via Appia, on the south side of the city, an immense complex of subterranean passages – known as the Cava Romana (Roman Grotto) – is open to the public. Of […] More

  • Erasmus scam in Rome
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    With Erasmus to Rome? Watch out for scams!

    It's bound to happen: you go to Rome as an Erasmus student and find a nice room for a reasonable price. Only to discover that the landlord does not exist and that you have lost your deposit of 900 euros. That happened to the daughter of Dutch acquaintances and she is by no means the only one. […] More

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