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  • crodino the surprising non-alcoholic aperitif since 1965

    Crodino: the sparkling, non-alcoholic aperitif

    The time to relax on the terrace, balcony or in the garden has come again, and for these moments of enjoyment Crodino is ready for you with the alcohol-free aperitif. This surprising Italian drink with a spicy twist has been a success in Italy since 1965 and has since conquered the rest of Europe. The Italian […] More

  • Gelato Unversity Carpigiani and Gelato Museum

    Carpigiani Gelato University: Italian Ice Cream University

    At first glance it doesn't look very appetizing: a yellow sludge in which black, brown, yellow and orange rods and granules float. But that will soon change. Master ice cream maker Gianpaolo Valli explains that this forms the basis of his crema ai sei profumi, ice cream with six flavours. It consists of a mixture of milk, cream […] More

  • Pizza prices in Italy are rising due to drought
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    More expensive pizzas in Italy

    Italy is world famous for its delicious pizzas, but unfortunately the prices of these delicacies are skyrocketing. Italians are currently paying no less than 20 percent more for a homemade pizza than a year ago. What is the cause of this price increase? The drought in southern Europe has made olive oil in particular a lot more expensive […] More

  • Vermouth on the map

    The return of the vermouth

    Cin Cin Cinzano and the jet set world of Martini: in the 70s you could still stumble across the slick advertisements of the 2 most famous brands of vermouth in colorful glossy magazines. Since then, things have become somewhat quiet around the once popular drink, except as an ingredient in successful cocktails such as the Negroni and the Martini (half gin, […] More

  • Italian perfumes for women and men

    Top 10 Italian perfumes for women and men

    Looking for a delicious Italian scent for a friend? Here we have the top 10 of Italian perfumes and the different eau de parfums and eau de toilettes. There is always a nice scent for your loved one! 1. Armani – Sì (Ladies) This women's fragrance combines three notes – nectar of black […] More

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