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  • My recipe for a delicious 'super sugo', delicious with rigatoni

    Recipe: super sugo, tomato sauce de luxe

    "Well, I'll just throw those souls away," my wife said, pointing to a bowl of tomatoes dug from the depths of the refrigerator and fruit bowl. It was a colorful group: elongated small picadillys, the best for bruschetta; a remnant of the elongated, somewhat pear-shaped San Marzanos of which we cut the rest - cut into halves and sprinkled [...] More

  • The Italian cuisine of Amalfi
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    The Italian cuisine of Amalfi - Ursula Ferrigno

    From Edicola Publishing we received the new recipe book by Ursula Ferrigno, cook and author, known for Trattoria (2005), La Dolce Vita and Buonissimo (2006). You can never have enough of Italian cookbooks, but you should really taste the divine Amalfi Coast. And that is possible with The Italian cuisine of Amalfi with […] More

  • easy Italian casserole
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    Recipe: An easy Italian casserole

    We actually don't eat enough oven dishes, because we often don't take the time. Don't bother with that oven, you might think quickly. But many oven dishes are very easy to make. Just preheat the oven in time and you can also eat a delicious Italian casserole during the week. We dare to say […] More

  • Italian pancakes
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    Recipe: Italian pancakes with spinach and ricotta

    Although when we think of pancakes we think of Dutch cuisine, Italian cuisine has its own variant: crespelle. Crespelle are eaten as a savory main meal rather than as a sweet treat. The most famous dish with these Italian pancakes is crespelle alla fiorentina. Or pancakes filled with spinach and ricotta. Traditionally, these are topped with a layer […] More

  • il bollito - traditional Italian Christmas menu
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    Il bollito: cooking meat for Christmas

    Parties, official or private, are always (not to say mainly) a culinary experience in Italy. This certainly applies to Christmas, which is traditionally celebrated in the family with a Holle Bolle Gijs-like enthusiasm. That is why we stay at home and the children come over with their partners to enjoy the […] More

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