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  • Sunset Ionian Sea
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    Column: unforgettable Calabria

    'Rein, and think about the summer, eh?! You know you've been invited to our place in Calabria,' Anna says emphatically. I sigh: 'Yes, yes, I'm thinking about it… I'll let you know.' "You don't have to think," I hear sternly on the other end of the phone. 'You are […] More

  • The 10 most beautiful places in Calabria
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    The 10 most beautiful places in Calabria

    Do you want to discover an unknown part of Italy? Then why not go to Calabria, that southern region in the toe of the Italian boot? Calabria has a coastline of more than 800 kilometers, which ranges from the steep cliffs of the Costa degli Dei on the Tyrrhenian Sea to the beautiful […] More

  • Tropea tips sights
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    Tropea: the Pearl of Calabria

    After about 2,5 hours of flying you arrive at Lamezia airport. Your holiday in Calabria has now really started. This region in the south of Italy is a unique destination and still relatively undiscovered. That will now change for you. With the rental car you drive towards Tropea, where you will […] More

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    Italy takes pizza record back from Spain

    Italian pizza makers have returned the title of the longest pizza in the world to where it belongs: Italy. The pizzaiolos have made a pizza that is more than a kilometer long. In the Calabrian village of Rende, they worked nonstop for 1.299 hours last weekend on the XNUMX-meter-long pizza, which set the previous record in […] More

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    Column: a pranzo

    Recently I was alone in the south (Calabria) for a few days. I am only writing, but I simply mean that the family had stayed behind in Belgium. Being alone here is a relative term. I stayed in Calabria for four days and eight times I joined friends at the table. Simple daily fare That's how […] More