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  • Bosa on the west coast of Sardinia
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    7 reasons to go to Sardinia

    Sardinia has been the holiday island par excellence for Italians for years. Recent studies have shown that 3 of the 10 most loved Italian Airbnb destinations and 6 of the 25 most beautiful beaches in Italy are in Sardinia. Thus, in the August holiday month, half of Rome and Milan populate the crowded beaches, while since the Aga […] More

  • Villasimius in Sardinia is one of the most beautiful summer destinations in Italy according to Airbnb
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    Top 10 Italian summer destinations according to Airbnb

    Nine seaside resorts and only one city in the mountains. Those are the 10 most popular Italian summer destinations this year. At least according to Airbnb. The platform that connects landlords and tourists worldwide has compiled a list of the locations that are most in demand. The result is of course not representative of all […] More

  • The port of Cagliari in Sardinia
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    A day in Cagliari

    Cagliari has become fun! The Sardinian capital was never really a tourist attraction. Those who came to the island did so for the sun and sea and surfers also for the wind, from the Costa Smeralda, Alghero and Isola di San Pietro, to name just a few popular destinations. In Cagliari you came to […] More

  • The Italian Village: Ollolai - this summer on RTL4
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    I'm leaving for Italy: this summer on RTL4

    RTL4 is filling GTST's summer break this year with The Italian Village: Ollolai, a six-week real-life soap about Dutch people in a Sardinian village of 1.500 inhabitants. Over the past thirty years, the population of Ollolai in the heart of the Italian island of Sardinia has halved. What remained is greyed out. The young people have left. Houses are empty and […] More

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    The 10 most beautiful places in Sardinia, Sicily and Elba

    Well, an article about the 10 most beautiful places on the major Italian islands. Quite a challenge! First of all, let's define what the largest islands actually are. Of course Sicily and Sardinia, they are almost the same size and comparable to the surface of Belgium. The third island of Elba – part of the Tuscan archipelago – is […] More

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