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Agriturismo: something different than the campsite!

Italy is particularly popular as a holiday destination among the Dutch. It is clear that Italy has a lot to offer. The possibilities to spend a holiday according to your taste are almost endless. There are also many different ways to stay in Italy. Many choose a holiday home, an apartment or a hotel. Entire tribes spend their summer holidays in Italy at the campsite, but there are also more and more Dutch people who go on holiday on a farmhouse to discover. And the latter has many advantages!

What is an agriturismo?

An 'agriturismo' is a typical Italian holiday accommodation. You can compare it with 'camping at the farm', although the host or hostess is not always a farmer (anymore). You usually stay in the countryside, on an estate or in a vineyard or olive grove.

Agriturismo I Pitto Serravalle Pistoiese
Agriturismo I Pitto in Serravalle Pistoiese

Refurbished farms

Often the agriturismo is still partially in operation as a farm, but it also happens that it is an old farm that has been renovated by the current owners and transformed into tourist accommodations. Sometimes you can get regional products or products from our own orchard and regularly it is also possible to eat a fair breakfast or other meals. Agriturismi come in many guises, from simple to super-de-luxe. A stay at an agriturismo is therefore never the same. And that's what makes it so much fun!

Discover rural life in Italy on an agriturismo
Discover rural life in Italy on an agriturismo

Advantages of an agriturismo compared to a campsite

What are the benefits of farmhouse restaurants? If you would normally go to a campsite in Italy, you would have to take a lot of stuff with you. When staying in your own apartments at an agriturismo, you usually have a kitchenette and a bathroom and furniture, beds and other facilities are available. That saves a lot of luggage!

Ideal for the early and late season

An agriturismo is therefore not only a practical accommodation for the summer holidays, but also lends itself well to the autumn or May holidays. These are also good travel periods to avoid the large crowds and heat of the summer months. Both in May/June and in september/oktober In Italy it is often excellent holiday weather and you benefit from a lot of advantage on a stay (for example, a week) in an agriturismo.

You just take some clothes with you, some toys for the children, some nice books to read and you get in the car. No hassle with full suitcases that you can't actually put in the car, let alone ski boxes and trailers. And how nice it is when you arrive late after a long journey to just pick up the key and end up in a clean apartment with made beds!

Agriturismo Italy: often with a swimming pool
Most agriturismi also have a swimming pool

Discover the area from an agriturismo

An agriturismo in Italy is also a great base to discover the area. Do you want Tuscany of Umbria go explore? Choose a centrally located agriturismo and you are ready to hit the road. You prepare a packed lunch in the morning and just leave what you don't need that day in your apartment.

With your own car (or rental car) you can visit the medieval villages in the region, the beautiful coast with its azure blue sea or that one charming restaurant. After a day on the road, you will return to your own temporary home where you can stay in complete privacy. If you want to do nothing for a day, that is also perfectly possible. Then you can still enjoy the sun (or the shade) on the estate of the host or hostess.

Agriturismo Italy
Nice: your own private apartment at your agriturismo in Italy

Holiday with children at an agriturismo

For families with young young children an agriturismo is often ideal. The children will enjoy themselves in the pool and you can relax with a good book in the stylishly landscaped garden or authentic olive grove. You have your own apartment and there are usually high chairs and cots available. Small children who are still taking an afternoon nap can relax in the bedroom. Optionally, you can bring your baby monitor, so that you can keep an earpiece at the edge of the pool.

Slightly older children often enjoy staying at an agriturismo, especially if there are also animals (and you can of course choose your agriturismo for that) or if they can help the host or hostess pick fruit. Almost all accommodations have facilities such as a playground and/or a swimming pool.

If you go during a holiday period or visit a somewhat larger agriturismo, there is also a good chance that other children will be present to play with. Of course you can also make nice trips, such as a day trip to the zoo or to an amusement park.

Agriturismo Italy with animals
Fun for the children: an agriturismo where there are also animals

But what does that cost, such an agriturismo?

Many people think that an agriturismo is more expensive than a camping site, when it doesn't have to be that way. Indeed, you have luxurious addresses where you actually have your own villa with all the trimmings. And that's what you pay for. But as many agriturismi as there are, there are also so many variations in price.

Affordable agriturismo

So it can also be cheap: a stay of a week in your own apartment in the Italian countryside starts at around 300 euros in low season. Sometimes you can also eat at reasonable prices with what the managers of the agriturismo serve you.

But you can also do it differently keep it cheap by doing your shopping at the local supermarket and putting together a delicious (pasta) meal yourself. A salad of fresh mozzarella, sun-ripened tomatoes and basil… delicious and not expensive! You can compare excellent locations, facilities and the associated prices on the internet.

Need inspiration? Here we have some nice agriturismos

Are you really an avid camper and are you still in doubt about staying at an agriturismo? Just look at a number of agriturismos online. For example, a specialist for the Tuscany region is Kick.

Your experiences with agriturismi in Italy?

We wish you lots of holiday anticipation and of course a wonderful holiday in beautiful Italy, in an agriturismo! We are curious about your experiences. Feel free to send them in to This is Italy!

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