Italy flag: vertical tricolor in green, white and red

The flag of Italy consists of 3 vertical stripes in the colors fern green, bright white and flaming scarlet (from left to right). These colors were not officially established until 2003, and then there was immediate discussion about them. The green was found to be too dark. There was also disagreement about the red. The colors were tinted and recorded according to the Pantone system.

Italy flag in Pantone colors
Flag Italy in the appropriate Pantone colors (source: Wikipedia)

Design Italian flag

The Italian flag is inspired by that of France. Only the blue one was replaced by a green track. Some have tried to give deeper meanings to the Italy flag. The green would refer to the green hills and plains, the white to the snowy Alps and the red to the blood shed to unite the different Italian regions.

Italy flag: basil, mozzarella and tomato

There is also an explanation from Italian cuisine: the green from the Italy flag stands for basil, the white for mozzarella and the red for tomato. This explanation is based on the origin of the pizza Margherita, which was made by a Neapolitan pizza maker especially for the king's wife, Queen Margaretha. We don't know whether this is true. But it is a nice story.

Pizza Margherita, the real Italian pizza
Pizza Margherita, the real Italian pizza – Photo Credit: Edward Hendriks

Current colors since the end of the 18th century

From the end of the 18th century, the flag of Italy is used in the current colors, but in a different proportion at the beginning. The Italy flag has also been modified a few times by those who were in charge at the time.

The Italian state was not officially proclaimed until 1861. Prior to this Italian state with first Turin and later Florence as its capital, there were several republics and kingdoms that called themselves Italy.

Flag Italian Socialist Republic

The low point of the history of its flag reached Italy with the flag of the Italian Socialist Republic. This was the heavily Nazi-influenced republic proclaimed by Mussolini in Salò in the aftermath of World War II. In the Italian tricolor nam the Duce up an eagle, resting on a faces.

flag italy socialist republic
The flag of the Italian Socialist Republic (1943 – 1945) (source: Wikipedia)