Many searches are made on the internet for 'weather Italy'. In Italy they are warm in terms of climate. That is one of the reasons why the country is so popular with us Dutch. Because Italy actually has three climates that all bear no resemblance to that of the Netherlands, the weather in Italy is almost always nice. But how come? And how does the Italian climate influence your holiday choice? In this article you can read more about the Italian climate. The current weather in Italy can be found at the bottom of this page.

Weather Italy - the weather in Italy

Weather Italy: three climates

Weather experts distinguish three different climate types in the country of the boot. Most of northern Italy has a maritime climate, which means that the winters are relatively mild and the summers wonderfully warm. It does not get extremely hot, which is of course very pleasant for lovers of La Dolce Vita.

Even further north, in the Alps, there is a high mountain climate. That doesn't even remotely resemble a maritime climate. It is always freezing cold and the ground is always frozen: that is called permafrost.

The last climate type to hit you in Italy is the one you are probably most familiar with: the Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and dry while winters are mild. The warm Mediterranean climate of Italy is even counted among the subtropical climates.

Pleasant seasons

From the above you can conclude that it is a good place to stay in Italy all year round. Summer and spring are the most popular with tourists. In the spring, the entire Italian flora comes into bloom as the temperature quickly rises to pleasant heights. If you want to see Italy at its best, you should definitely pay a visit to the country in the period April-May-June.

Mind you: the weather in Italy can be a bit arbitrary and the seas and lakes are still full of winter freshness, so the real water rat better wait for the summer. Italian summers range from wonderfully warm to scorching hot. Particularly in the southern tip of Italy and on the islands, the mercury can quickly rise to temperatures of around forty degrees. For some it becomes a bit too stuffy in the big cities. Keep this in mind when planning a vacation.

Because Italy is geographically so long, there can be very large temperature differences between the extreme north and south. It is certainly not rare that it is forty degrees in Sardinia and ten in the Alps. The weather in Italy is a bit different than in our own sunny south, where the difference in temperature is usually only a few degrees with the rest of the Netherlands.

Winter in Italy

In the north of Italy it can really be winter, with large amounts of snow and bitter cold, but the further south you go, the milder the temperatures in winter. The islands of Sardinia and Sicily are even suitable for hibernate in Italy. You see this hibernation increase in popularity, especially among Germans.

Precipitation in Italy

No matter how hot it is, precipitation can completely ruin a vacation. Fortunately, precipitation in Italy is fairly predictable. The mountains receive by far the most precipitation. On the western side of the Apennines, up to 1200 mm of precipitation falls annually. The more south you go, the smaller the chance of rain and other precipitation becomes. Especially in the summer months there is almost nothing in the south. When it does rain, visitors and Italians are especially happy with the cooling.

Winter Sports in Italy

Who knows, maybe you don't want to go to Italy in the summer, but in the winter. This is not an unwise choice for winter sports, because Italian mountains are usually buried under thick layers of snow. The winter sports season runs with a bit of luck from the end of November to somewhere in March.

Current weather Northern Italy

Below you can see the current weather in Northern Italy. The data comes from the Italian Meteorological Institute.

Current weather Central Italy

Below you can see the current weather in central Italy. The data comes from the Italian Meteorological Institute.

Current weather Southern Italy

Below you can see the current weather in Southern Italy. The data comes from the Italian Meteorological Institute.

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