Ferrero Rocher

Who doesn't know them, the small round balls of chocolate with a hazelnut inside? Ferrero Rocher is immensely popular both in Italy and abroad. Besides Nutella, which is also produced by Ferrero, it is perhaps one of Ferrero's most beloved products.

The elegant packaging and special editions also make Ferrero Rocher a perfect gift for any occasion. Ferrero Rocher's slogan is not for nothing: 'Ferrero rocher, esiste piacere più divino?' (Ferrero Rocher: Is there a more divine pleasure?).

From the makers of Nutella

Ferrero introduced the Ferrero Rocher in 1982, making Ferrero Rocher one of the newer products that Ferrero produces. Ferrero first launched the well-known Nutella hazelnut spread for Ferrero Rocher. This was followed by Mon Chéri, Kinder Chocolate and Tic Tac. However, Ferrero Rocher has now become an integral part of this!

The packaging does half

But how exactly are they made? The base is a toasted hazelnut covered with a thick layer of hazelnut cream and gianduia chocolate. Around this is a crunchy waffle casing and finally a generous layer of milk chocolate with pieces of hazelnut. The Ferrero Rocher chocolates are then all individually packed in a golden foil with of course the well-known logo sticker. Let's face it: half the fun is in opening the fun and classic packaging!

Chinese copy

The success of the Ferrero Rocher did not go unnoticed in the world and some companies thought they could make a profit here. The Chinese company Montresor brought chocolate pralines to the Chinese market that looked suspiciously like Ferrero's and packaged them in the same way, including gold foil. Ferrero, of course, did not leave it at that and filed a lawsuit against Montresor. In 2008, a final verdict was finally reached in the high-profile case and the Chinese judge ruled in favor of Ferrero. Montresor had to pay a symbolic compensation of around € 50.000 to Ferrero and had to immediately withdraw the 'Tresor Doré', as the copied chocolates were called.

ferrero rocher tresor dore

Ferrero Rocher pie

The Ferrero Rocher pralines are of course a delicacy in themselves, but if you really want to put something special on the table, then you should try a Ferrero Rocher cake. Various food bloggers have already ventured into this. The original recipe is from Marina from the blog Let the baking begin. on the blog NoNo's Kitchen from the Dutch blogger Noor you will find a recipe in Dutch.