Ilario Bandini founded Bandini Automobili in 1946. The company produced racing cars from 1946 to 1992. The company's heyday was in the early 50s. It employed 15 mechanics at the time and produced one car per month.

Like many other Italian car manufacturers, Ilario Bandini started out as a racing driver. He drove over 60 races with his cars. He also took part in races in America. The first Bandini used a Fiat 1100 engine. He had adapted the engine for the installation in his car. Bandini's sharp mind, racing knowledge and eye for detail were renowned and feared in the US and Europe.

Bandini AutomotiveBandini Sports International

One of the most famous cars Bandini produced was the 1957 Sport International 'Saponetta'. This was a two-seater with a steel frame and space for engines up to 1 liter. Due to the design of the car, the car was nicknamed 'Saponetta', which means something like soap. Bandini continued to make racing cars well into the 80s. Ilario Bandini passed away in 1992.

Since 1992, a museum has been established in Bandini's old workshop in Forli. Here are 10 more of his models on display and there is a register of the 46 extant Bandinis around the world from the United States to Japan. The models Bandini produced include the La Prima, the 1100 Sport, the 1100 Siluro, 750 Sport Siluro, the Bandini-Maserati, the Formula 3, the Berlinetta 1000 Turbo, the Saloncino and the Formula Junior.

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