Do you want to apply for a passport in Italy? You can apply for the passport and Dutch identity card at the consular department of the Netherlands Embassy in Rome or the relevant consulate if you live in Italy. You must appear in person to apply for a Dutch travel document. The Dutch identity card is cheaper than a passport, but for many countries you still need a passport.

If your passport expires while you are temporarily staying in the Netherlands, you can request a new passport from the municipality of The Hague. Phone: 070 – 353 31 60 / 31 69.

The procedure for applying for, personalizing and issuing a Dutch passport has changed with effect from 1 October 2001. From now on, travel documents will be created at a central point in the Netherlands. The minimum period between application and issue is 10 days.

Children and their passport

Since the summer of 2012 children can cannot more are added to their parents' passports. It was already impossible to add children to the Dutch identity card. From now on, a child must have its own travel document when traveling abroad. The identification obligation for children in the Netherlands only applies from the age of 14. Children from the age of 12 can apply for a Dutch identity card from the municipality without parental permission. Children can also apply for their own passport.

The child's legal representatives submit the application for a personal passport for the child, even if the child has previously been included in a passport. A copy of the parents' passports must be attached.

Passport application in Italy for children

If the child has not previously been issued with a passport, the birth certificate (estratto dell' atto di nascita con le generalita' dei genitori, wonderful those Italian names of official documents) of the child to be presented. If the parents are married, an extract from the marriage register must be submitted. 2 recent passport photos (black/white or color, taken straight from the front) of the child are also required.

passport photos

Since August 2006, the photo requirements for Dutch travel documents have been tightened. It is recommended that you telephone the consulate you are turning to for information about the locally instructed photographer regarding your passport application in Italy. Passport photos can also be taken at the Dutch embassy in Rome.

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