If you want to study or work in Italy, the foreign employer or training institution will often ask you for proof of the legal status and the level of your Dutch education and/or diploma. What about the recognition of your diploma in Italy? The Education Executive Agency (the former IB group) will help you obtain such proof.

The Italian Consulate General in Amsterdam issues statements about Dutch diplomas for use in Italy.

Italian Consulate General in Amsterdam
Vijzelstraat 79
1017 HG ​​Amsterdam
T. 020-550 20 50
F. 020-626 24 44

For information about the procedure for obtaining the so-called equipollenza, we recommend that you contact both Nuffic and Cimea. The equivalent of Nuffic in Italy is Cimea (Centro Informazioni, Mobilità, Equipollenze Accademiche) the address is:

Via XXI April 36
00162 Rome
T. 06-863 212 81
F. 06-863 228 45
Email: cimea@fondazionerui.it
Website: www.cimea.it

Vocational training diplomas

Within the European Union, work is being done on the comparison per profession of the various diplomas in circulation. For further information and addresses, please contact the

COLO Association, National Bodies of Vocational Education
Broadwater 8
P.O. Box 7259
2701 AG Zoetermeer
T. 079-352 30 00

Teaching Qualifications

A statement regarding a credential evaluation involving teaching qualifications can be requested from:

Education Executive Agency
Kempkenberg 12
9722 TB Groningen
Phone: 050-599 77 55
Website: www.duo.nl

Italian diplomas

If it concerns the evaluation of an Italian diploma, you should contact Nuffic (see www.nuffic.nl) and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

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