In addition to doing volunteering in Italy, studying in Italy is also common. Not surprising, of course, because Italy is almost the ideal country to study. Especially if you also plan to master the Italian language. Many students preceded you and studied for a shorter or longer period at an Italian university. Famous are, for example, universities of Bologna, Florence, Pisa, Rome and Naples. Of course, it never looks bad on your CV if you have studied for a semester or a year at such a prestigious university.

Italy is an important country in the industrialized world. It ranks eighth in the world ranking and anyone can effortlessly name some Italian products. Italian products are often characterized by a high degree of authenticity and a unique design. It is not for nothing that there is an extensive network of fake products that shamelessly imitate 'made in Italy'. But Italy also leads the way in the field of medical and ICT. And that's all besides the rich culture, the beautiful cities and the delicious food. Studying in Italy will not quickly turn out to be a disappointment.

Studying in Italy: at the uni

You often study in Italy at one of the 89 universities. They don't know the system with HBO and uni in Italy, but there are some 'higher education' courses that are not tied to a university. Most universities are state universities. In addition, there are a number of private universities that are recognized by the state.

Study in Italy
Students at the University of Bologna

The academic year in Italy consists of 2 semesters. The first semester runs from September/October to January/February. The second semester starts in February and ends in July. The exact beginning and end of a semester varies from program to program, but a semester always lasts about 20 weeks. You will receive 14 weeks of lectures and an exam period of 6 weeks.

Learn Italian at a university

There are also opportunities for foreigners to take an Italian course at a university. The University of Siena and Florence are well-known options. The School Leonardo Da Vinci is a well-known training institution.

Exchange Programs

An easy and inexpensive way to study in Italy is through an exchange program. Many Italian universities have exchange agreements with partner universities and higher professional education programs in the Netherlands. Exchange programs and agreements are often limited to specific studies or disciplines. Ask your own university or college about the possibilities.

Recognition of diplomas

If you want to do further studies on your Dutch education (or you want to gain work experience in Italy), your education or your employer in Italy will often ask for the status and level of your Dutch education. The Education Executive Agency can assist you in valuing your degree in Italy.

Search for a study in Italy

Because so many students have already preceded you, finding a suitable education is really not difficult. Young people (and the elderly) come from all over the world to Italy to study for half a year or a whole year. A good starting point for finding a suitable study in an Italian city that suits you are the websites en Here you will find extensive information about studying in Italy in English.

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