Many (often young) Dutch people do voluntary work in Italy. This ranges from taking care of animals to keeping the elderly company. Would you like to know more about what you can do as a volunteer in Italy? We would like to refer you to one of the organizations on this page.

Volunteering in Italy often takes place on a farm

Why would you volunteer in Italy? First of all because you like it. Because you want to meet new people, learn the language, love some adventure. Volunteering in Italy will also give you important work experience that will come in handy later on. People have very different reasons for volunteering in Italy, but one thing is certain, you will meet like-minded people.

Volunteering in Italy: an opportunity for any length of time

You sometimes do volunteer work for a few weeks, sometimes for a few months or longer. But there are also organizations that can help you with volunteering for a weekend or just a few days. So there is something for everyone if you are looking for volunteer work in Italy.

The story of an (Italian) volunteer

Italian Caritas

Via Aurelia, 796
00165 Rome
Tel. 06-66177001

Charity Ambrosiana

Via San Bernardino, 4
20122 Milan
Tel. 02-760371
This organization works with young volunteers. On the site you can see the volunteer activities it organizes and the possibilities it offers.

Centro Servizo per il Volontariato

Volunteer Center for the Province of Milan. Here you will find useful links to organizations that are involved in volunteer activities.

Villa Lavanda

Jenny van Villa Lavanda has been receiving experienced, independently working handymen who can lay bricks, carpentry, paint etc. as a full volunteer. But also people who like an active holiday, ranging from students to retirees. They help in the garden and with field work, the olive harvest, the lavender harvest, household chores and small jobs of all kinds. In this formula people work a bit shorter and pay 15 euros per day for full board. In high season this is 20 euros.