This online Italy magazine was started in June 2009 by Edward Hendriks, an Italy enthusiast, and aims to share the love for Italy with other Italy fans. In the meantime, the editors supplemented by various other Italy specialists, journalists and reporters, some of whom are also in il call peace live by yourself.

On you will find Italy news, fun stories, interesting facts, travel tips, recipes, campsites and everything more about Italy. Your tips or stories about Italy are certainly welcome!


Italy in all its facets

There are already many websites and blogs about Italy, that's right! Italy is simply very popular with Dutch and Flemish people. Yet we still think we can add a few things to the wide range of Italy information and Italy inspiration.

This is Italy offers accessible information and accessible, colorful articles about Italy in all its facets. Never snobbish, but often with a wink and the necessary humor. So don't take all our blogs seriously. We love Italy, but our love for the country never turns into blindness to its less beautiful aspects. Most of the articles we publish are written from a Dutch or Flemish perspective.

In particular, we pay attention to Dutch and Flemish people who live in Italy and who want to share their experiences with us. Please note that the authors of the articles (as listed at the bottom of each article) are solely responsible for the content and accuracy of their contributions. An author's opinion does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the entire editorial team or the brand This is Italy.

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How does the website work?

The website consists of a 'static' section (the pages under the 'info' button in the menu) with information and interesting facts about Italy, as well as a blog section.

The blog categories can also be found in the menu bar. You can also enter a search query via the search function. Or you view the lists with

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the information on the site is 100% correct. Some information is also subject to change. We would appreciate it if you would let us know about any improvements or additions to the information provided!

Translations of the articles in German and English

For some time now, we have also been offering articles in English and German as a service for non-native speakers (French may also be added). The translations of the original articles into Dutch are machine translations based on neural networks. The quality is better than Google Translate, but not at the level of human translations. Please let us know if you see any disturbing errors, so we can correct them.

Guest bloggers wanted!

The blog is filled by the permanent editors of This is Italy, supplemented by a number of guest bloggers. Do you like to make a one-off or regular contribution to the website? Do you have information about Italy that could be of interest to other Italophiles? Your submission is most welcome. For more information about guest editorship, visit This is Italy page Guest bloggers wanted or contact us directly.

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