This is Italy is a digital Italy magazine aimed at lovers of the country. Not only as a holiday destination, but also as the country of 'I'm leaving', la dolce vita, good food and fashionable novelties.

You can read remarkable and atmospheric stories and column about Italy here. We also bring you tourist tips and inspiration for new destinations. Books, films or other products and services are regularly discussed and there are giveaways or other fun articles that all have a relationship with . il bell paese have.

Advertising on This is Italy means connecting with a wealthy, highly educated target group with an interest in travel, holidays in Italy, living and working in Italy, Italian culture en Italian design.


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The articles on This is Italy are excellently read and shared via social media. The website has grown rapidly in recent years. Below you can see some more specific information about the website.

The information below is based on statistics from StatCounter and was current at the time this information was compiled (Summer 2023).

Sessions/month: 250.000+
(increasing in the summer season)

Followers on X: 2.800
Fans on Facebook: 19.000
Subscribers on YouTube: 1.600+

Browser push notification subscribers: 12.500
Newsletter subscribers: 5.000+

Website online since: June 1, 2009

Steady growth in visitor numbers since the launch of This is Italy
Steady growth in visitor numbers since the launch of This is Italy (Source: StatCounter)
Demographics ThisIsItaly
The demographics of the website This is Italy (source: Google Analytics)

Advertise on This is Italy and collaborations

Advertise or collaborate on This is Italy? We look forward to welcoming you as a customer. Below you will find some popular options for collaborations. If you have other ideas, please let us know. All rates mentioned are exclusive of 21% VAT.

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One-time commercial guest blog

The editors of This is Italy write a high-quality and informative article in which we mention your product or service (or that of your customer) with a link. You can be assured that your product or service is promoted in a qualitative way in the right environment.

It goes without saying that the products or services must be in line with the subject of the website (Italy, luxury products, travel) and with the target group. If available, we would also like to receive royalty-free images.

Although it is not our preference, you can also choose to supply an article yourself for a discount of € 100. The article must relate to the content of the website (theme: Italy in the broad sense) and must be a unique (not previously published on the Internet) and error-free written article of at least 800 words of high quality with useful information for the visitors of the website.

We will edit this article to match the tone and style of the website. This is Italy reserves the right to make improvements, changes and internal links to the article you provide. We do not post articles on topics, products or services that we do not endorse.

The article with your product, service and any link will receive a semi-permanent placement. That is, until your product or service is no longer available, your website is down or for a maximum of 5 years.

Promoters of gambling sites and related services are not required to respond; we do not enter into these kinds of collaborations.

An example of a good commercial guest blog: 11 ways to travel to Italy.

Rate: € 390

Do you want to purchase multiple items? Then we can discuss an interesting discount.

Free guest blog

A guest blog is an article written by you (with previously unpublished text) with a neutral basis. The article has no (direct) commercial objective and is fun or informative for visitors to This is Italy. This concerns, for example, articles about a certain region, a film or a book or a study that has a link with Italy.

For example, we post many blogs from people who live or have lived in Italy. We also regularly post free guest blogs from Dutch people who have a b&b or other holiday accommodation in Italy. In such a guest article, if desired, a link to your website is included free of charge. Contact us if you think you can make a good contribution to the site.

Rate: FREE

Extra promotion

Your guest article (both the free and commercial article) on This is Italy will also be placed on Twitter and possibly on Facebook and will automatically be included in the well-read This is Italy newsletter (tip: also sign up via the entry field on this page)!

Other Collaboration Opportunities

  • Giveaways
  • Reviews of your products or accommodations
  • Movie or book reviews
  • Atmospheric reports of your event
  • Press trips
  • Interviews
  • Social media

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