This is Italy is provided by the permanent editors of This is Italy, supplemented by incidental contributions, commercial contributions and contributions from guest bloggers. In order to attract a wider and larger audience, we are looking for new guest bloggers who can write an article on a regular basis.

guest bloggers wanted
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A guest blog is an article written by you (with previously unpublished text) with a neutral basis. The article has no commercial objective (if you want to advertise, view the page 'Advertise on This is Italy') and is fun or informative for visitors to This is Italy.

This concerns, for example, articles about a certain region, about a tasty recipe, about a film or a book or a study that has a link with Italy. You can write every article in the same category (for example about Italian recipes) but you don't have to. Of course you can always suggest ideas for articles.

What do we ask of guest bloggers?

We ask for a one-off or regular contribution to the website. For example, weekly, biweekly or monthly. It is nice if we can make good agreements about this in advance. We also ask for a sharp pen and good knowledge of Italy.

You have gained this knowledge because you have often been to Italy, live in Italy or because of your profession or interests. It is useful if you can handle WordPress. Then you can enter your articles directly at the back of the website. If this doesn't work for you, you can of course just email them the old-fashioned way.

Can you also provide visual material yourself or do you know how to obtain royalty-free images to illustrate your article? All the better! Please note: a guest article is at least 800 words long and written in good style and grammar. If you can do something other than writing, for example photographing or filming with Italy as the subject, we would also like to get in touch with you.

If you would like to write more often for This is Italy, you can indicate whether you are interested in receiving books, films or other products related to Italy that we would like to discuss on the website. Of course you can write in your own tone and style, but the articles must fit well within the common thread of the website.

We write on This is Italy about Italian subjects from a Dutch/Flemish perspective. With love for the country, but without ignoring its shortcomings. Humor and perspective are very important to us. Read a few articles on the website and you'll understand what we mean.

We ask interested parties in advance to send in a sample article.

What do we offer guest bloggers?

We offer you a platform where you can write for a large audience interested in Italy and everything related to it. The website is currently in a growth phase and we would like to maintain that growth with your help.

The chief editor of the website is in the hands of Edward Hendriks, an experienced copywriter and (copy)writer, who can help you make your writing even better. All your blogs are edited prior to posting and you can count on feedback to help you improve your articles.

In addition, we can provide you with statistics about your articles, so that you can see which articles score well and which do not. You can also count on a reward in kind because we send you books, movie tickets or entrance tickets for Italian events. We then naturally expect a discussion or a report.

Below each guest article we receive from you, there will be a short bio in which you can include a valuable link to your own website or blog.

In consultation we can always make a budget available to make a certain production.

Interested in guest blogging for This is Italy? We look forward to hearing from you.