'Agriturismo' is the name for a holiday accommodation on an estate or farm in Italy, often in the middle of a vineyard or olive grove or the wheat fields. Sometimes they are estates or farms that are still in operation, but because the farm life no longer yields much, many companies have started an agriturismo in Italy next to it. In addition, more and more Italians (but also other nationalities, including the Dutch) are buying up such an old farm to convert it into tourist accommodation.

These accommodations vary from simple to super-de-luxe and, of course, the price also varies. For a week's stay, count on 300 euros for the simplest stays to more than 1.000 euros for the more luxurious stays. It makes a big difference whether you want to go on holiday in the low season or in the high season. It is often nice for the children if there is a swimming pool and if there are several apartments, so that other children can also be found in high season.

There are many forms of an agriturismo in Italy
An agriturismo in Italy comes in many shapes and sizes

At some farms it is possible to work with the family on the farm during the stay. Picking fruit, or vegetables, watching the wine being made. Breakfast is usually included, but you can also eat there in the evening. At the simple agriturismi people usually eat what the pot is about, the more luxurious ones also have a menu from which you can choose. The wines and olive oil that are used often come from their own garden and are usually for sale.

Book an agriturismo in Italy

And, are you already looking forward to a holiday at an agriturismo? You can search for a suitable agriturismo for your holiday via the internet. you can also leave the search to a specialist. Such a specialist is, for example Kick. This club offers about 1000 holiday homes and agriturismos spread all over Tuscany. All carefully selected for location, quality and beauty. By booking through Tritt you do not pay too much and you have certainty. They are members of the GSC.

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At DitIsItalie.nl we like to pay attention to the agriturismi of compatriots in Italy. Not only an agriturismo in Italy, but also restaurants, hotels or B&Bs are eligible. Do you own such a company and would you like to be listed on these pages? Or would you like to write a guest blog about the environment of your company? We would love to hear from you! Contact DitIsItalie.nl.

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