Need flights to Italy? Italy is a popular destination, partly because of its proximity. However, sometimes Italy is just a little too far. For example, if you want to go on a city trip to Rome for a few days or if you want to travel further to the center or south of Italy. Then you can also go by plane. A plane ticket to Italy does not have to be expensive, if you compare the prices of the different airlines in advance. It can also make a big difference where you fly to, on which day you fly and from which airport. Below you will find a number of popular destinations in Italy that are also frequently visited by plane.

Flight tickets Italy Naples
Piazza del Plebescito in Naples (photo: Edward Hendriks)

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Flight tickets to Florence

Regarded by many as the most beautiful city in Italy. And although opinions differ, Florence (or Firenze in Italian) is highly recommended. If you're into culture and art, chances are you'll fall exhausted on your bed in your hotel room after a day here. Florence is one big museum. Just take the huge cathedral in the middle of the historic center: if you climb the 500 steps to the top of the dome, you have a great view over the city. Florence is surrounded by the Apennines and to the south are the Chianti hills where the famous wines come from. Did we already mention Michelangelo's David and the Ponte Vecchio? No, that is not possible in such a small piece of text. But above all, go and experience Florence! A destination that is perfect for a city trip of a few days. You have your plane tickets to Italy in no time.

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Flight tickets to Pisa

Pisa is of course world famous with its Leaning Tower. But Pisa is more than just the tower. Many people have no idea that outside the Campo dei Miracoli, where the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the cathedral and the Baptistery are located, Pisa is also a very attractive city, with a lot of history and culture. However, the biggest hordes of tourists are in the immediate vicinity of the tower, which is located well outside the charming center. You can go to Pisa for a city trip, but while you are there you might as well explore Tuscany a little further. And flying to Pisa is also perfect for that. No day (or two) in the car, no endless traffic jams in front of the tunnels, but comfortably at your destination within two and a half hours. At Pisa airport you can easily rent a car with which you can drive through the entire region. Because apart from Pisa, Tuscany has much more to offer. How about Viareggio on the coast, medieval Lucca, the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci or magnificent Florence? In Tuscany, the world is at your feet and the plane tickets to Pisa don't have to cost you! Starting at €29 for a one-way ticket from Schiphol!

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Flight tickets to Milan

Milan is the most European of all Italian cities. This city offers both Italian flair and international allure, thanks in part to the large numbers of foreigners (including many Dutch people) who stay here. As the second largest city in Italy, Milan is a large and modern city. Yet there is also a lot of history and culture to admire. Milan Cathedral is one of the largest Gothic churches in the world. Galleria Vittoria Emanuele is a chic shopping gallery opposite the duomo. Here you can marvel at luxury and splendor. By the way, there is a copy of this beautiful indoor shopping center in Naples. Milan is of course also the 'home' of famous fashion brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Prada. As you can see, Milan is a wonderful destination to indulge in Italian style and opulence. Fancy a trip to Milan? Book your flights to Italy now

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Flight tickets to Rome

Do we really need to introduce Rome yet? If you've never been to this former capital of the ancient Roman Empire, it's about time! If you've been there before, you'll definitely want to go back! Because one thing is certain: Rome remains one of the favorite destinations of visitors from all over the world. Rome is modern and historic. The grandeur of 2.000 years ago still lives here. There are also many remarkably well-preserved sights from earlier times, such as the Roman Forum (Latin for market square and the center of ancient Rome), the Pantheon and of course the Colosseum. Don't make the mistake of thinking that Rome is an old, boring city: hip Rome reveals itself in the evening in the atmospheric wine bars in the artists' quarter on the other side of the Tiber. If you want to dance up a sweat, you can enjoy yourself in one of the modern discos in the up-and-coming district of Testaccio. If such entertainment is not for you, then there is enough left over to parks, special eateries, and far too much to see for just one city trip. But hey, you have to start somewhere to discover Rome! Book your plane tickets to Italy and travel to the eternal city.

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Flight tickets to Naples

Naples (Napoli in Italian) is the third largest city in Italy. Yet this city is a lot less visited than the 'competition' such as Rome, Florence or Milan. This is partly due to the less central location in relation to Europe, but also to a certain amount of unfamiliarity. Stories about the crime often circulate about Naples. Although the Camorra in the suburbs and the countryside around the city does indeed have a big finger in the pie, you won't notice any organized crime as a visitor to the city. Or it must be the sellers of counterfeit brand goods, who are happy to sell you an 'authentic' Louis Vuitton from Paris. Unjustly, because Naples is the most Italian city of all. Here you will find raw, unpolished Italy. Here you will find the richest experience, the sharpest colors and scents and the most delicious cuisine. How about a pizza Margherita, the mother of all pizzas? Here you can taste it like you've never tasted it before. Pure, tasteful and real. That's Naples. What they say is true: see Naples first, then… But wait, you first have to arrange cheap airline tickets. And that is really a breeze for Naples. Be surprised and book your airline tickets to Italy now.

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Flight tickets Verona

Verona is a beautiful city with a large Roman amphitheater (the largest after the Colosseum in Rome) that has been wonderfully preserved. This Arena still serves as a venue for plays and opera performances. Verona has a relaxed and tidy atmosphere: there is a lot of green here and the city is not yet overrun with tourists outside the really busy months. The famous Lake Garda is just a few steps away. At Peschiera del Garda you will also find Italy's largest amusement park: Gardaland. Verona itself treats you to a beautiful historic center, the most wonderful terraces where you can enjoy the best Aperol-Spritz in all of Italy, beautiful churches and bridges and a real Roman city gate. Time to book your plane tickets to Italy and head to the city of Romeo and Juliet!

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Flight tickets to Venice

Ahhh, Venice! That is romance at its best. Everyone knows Venice because of the many films and series. But have you seen it with your own eyes? Venice is the ideal destination for a romantic city break. Here you take the boat instead of the bus and marvel at all the historic buildings on the Grand Canal. Have you seen the Rialto Bridge? Great to finally walk over it yourself and see what exactly you recognize from that James Bond film. San Marco square with the beautiful basilica of the same name is considered one of the most beautiful squares in all of Europe. Venice is a world unto itself. Make sure to avoid the high season. Then it is really too busy here. You should explore Venice with your loved one outside the tourist season. If you have a little more time, it pays to visit the islands of Murano and Buranu with their beautifully colored houses. Book your plane tickets to Italy now and travel to Venice!

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