FlixBus is a young low budget travel company that has opened bus lines to a large number of European destinations at lightning speed. A big advantage of FlixBus is the low price with which you can be in a completely different place in Europe within a few hours. Cycling or walking alone is cheaper. You can also travel to Italy very cheaply via FlixBus.

FlixBus was founded in 2013 and has developed into the largest provider in 26 countries. FlixBus has welcomed more than 60 million passengers in their well-known bright green buses. With technological innovations such as electronic tickets, the special FlixBus App, free Wi-Fi on board and GPS live tracking, this bus company is completely up to date.

Travel without shame

Plus, you can travel by bus without flying shame. Compared to an airplane, the bus is a particularly environmentally friendly form of transport. Do you want to do something extra? Then you can compensate your cheap bus trip with a small extra contribution. Your contribution invests society in certified climate protection projects, set up according to international ecological standards.

The benefits of FlixBus

Traveling with FlixBus has quite a few advantages. Just take a look:

  • Tickets from € 5
  • The largest bus network in Europe 
  • Extra legroom on board
  • Free Wi-Fi on board
  • More environmentally friendly than traveling by plane
  • Sockets for your mobile and laptop
  • Purchase your tickets electronically
  • Change bookings up to fifteen minutes before departure
  • Take free (hand) luggage

Last but not least: you can just get in, sleep, stare out the window or work on your laptop and the driver will take you safely to your destination. For a fraction of the price you with your own car, an rental car, tren whether the plane would pay.

Fast public transport throughout Europe via FlixBus (Photo: Wikimedia)

Who is FlixBus for?

FlixBus mainly focuses on young people between 16 and 30 years old who want to go on a cheap city trip or who go backpacking in European countries.

But the service is obviously used by passengers of all ages. You have to be able to stand the long ride on the bus and keep in mind that you can't stop everywhere you want. But if you have a flexible attitude, then the FlixBus is worth considering.

FlixBus now runs from more than 30 stops in the Netherlands to more than 300 destinations in Europe. You can also drive with FlixBus within the Netherlands and Belgium. On some routes this is faster and cheaper than by train.

Each passenger is allowed to bring one piece of checked baggage (maximum size per baggage: 80 x 50 x 30 cm, 20 kg in total), labeled with name and address, plus one piece of hand baggage (42 x 30 x 18 cm, 7 kg) .

FlixBus Destinations in Italy

With FlixBus you can travel cheaply by bus to and through Italy. To which Italian destinations does the FlixBus run from the Netherlands and Belgium?

From Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague or Utrecht you sometimes travel directly and sometimes with one transfer to various destinations in Italy. You can often travel directly from large cities such as Arnhem, Nijmegen and Eindhoven.

FlixBus Rome

From Schiphol you can go directly to the Italian capital with FlixBus.

FlixBus Milan

You can also travel cheaply and smoothly to the second city and the economic center of Italy via FlixBus.

FlixBus Italian Riviera

From Brussels you travel in one go to Genoa on the Italian Riviera. From here you can access the Cinque Terre of Portofino .

Book a FlixBus ticket: that's how it works

How does it work if you want to go to Italy with the FlixBus? Simple, you search for your destination and you book online.

Suppose you want to travel from Arnhem to Milan. You enter the departure city and the arrival city in the Bus Trip Planner (or click on the ticket), you will see the price (€45 per seat at the time of writing) and the possible transfers (from Arnhem to Milan you can drive directly).

You can now choose how many adults and how many children aged 0-14 years travel with you and then reserve the number of seats you want. You fill in the first and last names and the mobile phone number, you pay with iDeal, PayPal or Visa and you're done.

At the departure time you must be present 15 minutes in advance, so that the bus can depart on time. You will receive a notification on your mobile phone in the event of any delays.

You can also enter your departure city in the Bus Trip Planner and then see which destinations you can reach directly from there and at what price.

Transfer for other Italian cities

Do you want to go to Naples, Florence, Venice, Pisa or Bologna? This is easily possible with one transfer in Milan or in another European city.

With sometimes only one transfer, many other Italian cities can be reached via FlixBus. From Milan or Rome it is possible to travel almost anywhere in Italy And it really is cheaper than you think.

In total you can use FlixBus at the time of writing to 417 destinations in Italy to travel. Within Italy, FlixBus is a real solution as an alternative to the train. You can make a whole tour of Italy with Flixbus just like that! Are you already in Italy? Then see if you can make that city trip with FlixBus.

See immediately whether your favorite destination is in the FlixBus route schedule!