Every beach is different. Finding those Italian beaches where you can really enjoy yourself is not easy. In Italy there are almost 8000 kilometers of coast! The big advantage is of course that every part of that coastline knows how to charm someone. Whether you like or hate mass tourism, Italy has beaches to suit your personality.

Bays with jagged rocks especially attract young people who want to show their daring and their diving skills here. If you like snorkelling or diving, go for beaches where the sea is a beautiful azure blue. Birthday girls, on the other hand, opt for beaches that especially come alive at night! Some beaches in Italy are somewhat hidden or located at the very ends of the coast. And, you guessed it, those beaches are often the most beautiful! Beaches that are not easily accessible remain untouched for longer. Anyone who manages to discover one on their own will experience a feeling of happiness. If you have some command of Italian, you are more likely to find such a gem.

The most beautiful Italian beaches

De locals are charmed by foreigners who speak a little bit of Italian. Or try to speak. They sometimes want to share with those tourists where those beaches or bays are hidden, which the average tourist will never get to see. The pride in their little paradises then takes over. However, if you're not yet proficient in the language, you'll get some hints that you can use to your advantage! Especially the beaches that received a good Blue Flag rating are discussed. This independent organization assesses beaches on various levels. Hidden beaches that are not touristy are not always eligible to receive a Blue Flag. That is not a bad thing, because that way they are also spared from mass tourism. The criteria that the Blue Flag uses are, among other things, safety, quality of the sea water, maintenance of the facilities, separated zones for the various beach activities, ... You notice it: everything that you as a tourist who enjoys a certain comfort is confronted with on beaches in Italy, is monitored and assessed.

Italian beaches provide an instant holiday feeling

In Piedmont (Piedmont) Cannero Riviera and Cannobio Lido are recommended.

Italian Beaches - Cannobio Lido
Cannobio Lido (photo credit)

Friuli Venezia Giulia was awarded with Lignano Sabbiadoro and Grado.

Lignano Sabbiadoro (photo credit)

Veneto is ideal for families with young children! Here you will find several extensive beaches with amber sand. Anyone who enjoys order and tidiness will not be disappointed in Lido di Jesolo. Huge rows of umbrellas and sunbeds: not for those who want peace or variety. However, it is suitable for those who want to sunbathe comfortably while the children are playing around on the beach or in the sea. And, Venice is nearby. So getting the sand from between your toes every now and then and sniffing some culture is perfectly feasible. Do you like those gently sloping beaches but is amber not your favorite color? Then you can enjoy a white sandy beach in Bibione. In addition to this extremely fine sand, you will also find all facilities here to follow a health cure.

bibione (photo credit)

In Liguria the offer of Italian beaches is large. There is really nothing but coast. The Riviera of Flowers. The microclimate of the Riviera dei Fiori ensures that even palm trees thrive here. In the west you will mainly find narrow sandy beaches that are quite rocky. The east coast has wider sandy beaches. The Cinque Terre always manage to provide the most improbable views. But because these fishing villages are really glued to the rock walls, they are especially popular with those who like to go out. Many walkers like to descend every now and then to a beach that is difficult to reach. These more active holidaymakers enjoy every moment there. Splashing between authentic fishing boats, it has something to offer! Coral fishermen used to meet each other Portofino. The sea here is unusual in color: turquoise. In the exclusive harbor you will find anyone who loves beauty. Anyone who is financially warm will moor here with a showy yacht. The city of the dolphins is a gem, but very fashionable. It is one of Berlusconi's favorite spots. The Blue Flag appreciated Moneglia and Lerici, among others.

Portofino (photo credit)

Emilia Romagna is suitable for children: the sand is golden, there are plenty of lifeguards to keep an eye on things, the beaches slope gently. All facilities are within reach. The most famous beaches are those of Rimini. Very wide sandy beaches with endless rows of sunbeds and colorful umbrellas and the bright blue color of the sea charm the mass tourist. Also an ideal water sports area.

Rimini (photo credit)

In Tuscany scored among others Viareggio and Marina di Pisa.

Viareggio (photo credit)

The region The Marches (Le Marche) received a blue flag for many beaches, including Pesaro and Grottammare.

cave tammare (photo credit)

Latin (Lazio) won prizes with, among others, Sperlonga and Anzio.

sperlonga (photo credit)

In southern The Abruzzo (Abruzzo) the beaches are rocky, in the north you have sandy beaches. The sandy beaches at Francavilla and Pescara are very popular. Deep-sea divers love the rugged coastline in the south. And the trabocchi between Fossacesia and San Vito are definitely a plus. These stilt houses evoke a nostalgic feeling. They date back to the time when fishing was booming.

San Vito (photo credit)

Molise has to make do with kudos to Termoli.

termoli (photo credit)

In Campania everyone can enjoy the sky-blue sea and the beautiful beaches hidden between the rocks. Here you want to go straight into the water! Positano has many expensive hotels, all of which have their own private beach. You have to walk a lot of stairs before you reach these beaches. Idyllic, but mundane. The island of Capri is the place to be: the sun always shines and the views are beautiful. But, unfortunately, mass tourism has not done Capri any good. Hugely busy! Ischia, on the other hand, has remained much more authentic. Here you can still enjoy the white sandy beaches in peace. At Chiaia you can snorkel well between the rocks.

Ischia (photo credit)

In Calabria en Basilicata you will find mainly Italians for the time being. Here you will find the clearest sea water. Fortunately, tourists have not yet discovered that the blue of the sea is nowhere more beautiful. To cherish! Cirò Marina was awarded a blue flag. In Tropea there are masses of white sand beaches. Anyone who likes fishing will find what they are looking for here. Those who like some privacy will find mainly small sandy beaches at Mareta between the coves. Maratea was awarded a blue flag.

Tropea (photo credit)

In Apulia, the heel of the boot, the range of Italian beaches is not that great. The Gargano peninsula still offers untouched nature. The blue sea and the dunes of white sand are paradise. Lots of variety: rocks, caves, coves, ... You will find fine sandy beaches in Peschini and Rodi. The Isole Tremiti archipelago is located off the coast of Puglia. In Riserva Marina, scuba divers admire the underwater sculpture of Father Pio.

Marina Marina (photo credit)

Op Sicily Marina di Ragusa was awarded.

Marina di Ragusa (photo credit)

Sardinia can show off La Maddalena.

La Maddalena (photo credit)


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