Which plug do you use in Italy?

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Which plug do you use in Italy (photo: Edward Hendriks)

When we travel, we take more and more electrical appliances with us. Smartphones, cameras, coffee machines, razors and even entire laptops last and need to be charged. And then it turns out that Italy has different sockets… Which plug fits in Italy and which doesn't?

Do you need a travel plug in Italy?

First the good news: the voltage on the power grid in Italy is 230 Volt, just like with us. So you don't need a voltage converter.

Although you can use your plugs from the Low Countries almost anywhere in Europe, the sockets in Italy can differ. Although F-type sockets (similar to the E-type in Belgium) are also common.

If you are in a new apartment or holiday home, you will often find these universal sockets in Italy, which are suitable for all European plugs (photo: Edward Hendriks)

Does the Dutch plug fit into an Italian socket?

L type plug used in Italy

In somewhat older Italian (holiday) houses and apartments you often see the three-pole L-type sockets. Sometimes our plugs fit in well (especially the flat Euro plugs), sometimes you really have to wriggle, they are too loose or they just don't fit.

In general, the flat plugs fit, but the round, grounded plugs as in the photos below do not.

Don't worry: you can get the Italian adapters in every supermarket, but if it is important for you to be sure that you can charge your smartphone or laptop on arrival, it is best to put an adapter in your luggage.

Universal world plug, can also be used in the Italian socket

Such an adapter or travel plug can only be used in Italy. Maybe not a problem if you go on holiday to Italy alone.

But if you have to buy one specifically, you might be better off opting for a universal world plug, which you can use in more than 170 countries.

Universal world plug (source:

This Travel Hawk world plug that on is sold you can use it in Italy and in almost all other countries. You can also charge it via USB and up to 3 devices at the same time, so you won't run out of power quickly.

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