As a true Italophile, a life in Italy may seem like the ideal: living and working in Italy! There are many Dutch people who have taken the step and started living and working in Italy. Keep in mind that life in Italy is quite different than in the Netherlands.

Living and working in Italy

And that is perhaps even more true for working in Italy. Italian companies are much more traditional and hierarchical in nature than many Dutch companies. For some, working for an Italian company in the Netherlands might be a godsend.

What you need to know if you want to live and work in Italy

Whatever your plans, on the following pages you will find all information about living and working in Italy or at Italian companies in the Netherlands! Do you have additions for these pages, please let us know.

Study in Italy
Recognition of diplomas

Volunteering in Italy
Employment Agencies in Italy
Job placement in Italy 
Social Security and Retirement
Passport application
Working for the Italian government
Italian companies in the Netherlands
Doing Business in Italy
Emigrate to Italy

Blogs about living in Italy

It is of course always nice to read how other Dutch and Flemish people are organizing their new life in Italy. That is why we regularly posted stories about what it is like to live and work in Italy. You will find these articles in the category 'living in Italy'.