As indicated earlier, you will have to look for employment in Italy yourself, on your own initiative. You have the following options for this:

    • Search for job vacancies on the internet. Just like in the Netherlands, a job search in Italy often starts on the internet. A big advantage of this method is that you can also search for a job in Italy from the Netherlands. Tip:
    • Responding to a job advertisement: every Friday a multitude of job advertisements appear in national newspapers such as 'Corriere della Sera' and 'La Repubblica'. There are also many regional and local magazines that regularly publish these advertisements.

  • Placing an advertisement: it is customary to place an advertisement in these magazines, in which you offer your services.
  • Open applications: just like in the Netherlands, you can write to companies that interest you and offer your services. Of course, you can also find the above services a lot on the internet these days.
  • The 'informal circuit': you can inquire about employment through friends and acquaintances. As in the Netherlands, this often works best in times of crisis. But then of course you have to know people.
  • Volunteering in Italy: This can also be a good way to get used to the work culture and as a stepping stone to a paid job. On the page Volunteering in Italy you can read more about this and about the authorities that can help you with this.
  • Employment agencies: look at the list of employment agencies in Italy.
  • to like 'au pair' to Italy it is best to contact specialized agencies. The following agencies can assist you with this:

Intermediate and
Via Bramante 13
00153 Rome
Phone/Fax. 06/5747444.

Au Pair International
Via S Stefano, 32
40125 Bologna (BO)
Tel. 051-267575
Fax. 051-236594

Sti Travels
Via Borgonuovo, 6/A
40125 Bologna
Tel. 051 - 233285

Viale Bruno Buozzi, 9
00197 Rome
Tel. 06-80692130
Fax. 06-80666785

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